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A Buyer of Account Receivable

We offer the proposal on the “fund” exit strategy which would include our buying of its monetary assets such as stocks, investments and account receivable/loans.

In real estate investment by SPE structure, an exit strategy (that is, to keep a prospective buyer of assets held by SPE) shall be considered to be an important issue. Akasaka Investment LLC of the TSM Group shall be the servicer of the exit role so that it may present an exit proposal which would include a commitment to buy assets held by SPE.

Akasaka Investment LLC is established as a subsidiary of ISH so as to accomplish a bankruptcy remote status. Accordingly, clients may get a convenience as well as a legal benefit of bankruptcy remote to make a transaction secured. We may be responsive to clients needs such as investors who want a quick exit and financial institutions who want transaction secured.

The sale of monetary assets such as stocks, investments and account receivable/loan shall be based in general at fair value under Japanese Tax Law. Funds Appraisal, Inc. may present a fair value appraisal of monetary assets in the expedited way and at lower cost.