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Bid Offer Matching of “Funds”

While “Global Funds” (such as multinational investors and financial institutions) are strengthening their assets/liability activity, we support their activity to propose them a best matching of Bid Offer of “funds” based upon information from global network.

TSM Group has built a close relationship and information network with investors, financial institutions and real estate owners since the beginning of the securitization and structured finances in Japan through its SPE management services. We take a bright side view in “funds” with regard to its future because of its contribution to the dynamism of economy as well as a vitalization of business entities, though some see negative in “funds” future.

Even today experiencing global recession, considerable investment in Japan from abroad and vice versa are expected in both ways. While world economy is globalized nowadays, we may see one flaw in “funds” business: there does little visible brokerage or intermediary market exist wherein Bid Offer of “Funds” is matched quickly and inexpensively so as to connect its players which are multinational investors, financial institutions and real estate owners who shall have concerns over their assets/liability activity.

Funds Marriage, Inc. offer its supportive activities to match investors (as a debt issuer) with real estate owner/AM/arranger (as assets holder) using its “analogue” data.
We are extending our assets data base in Asian countries such as China and India as well, though our assets data is limited in Japan currently.