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We create SPE management responsibility, which is related to liquidity and securitization, a core value and aim for rapid progress towards an integrated fund service business group.

Since its establishment in 1999, Tokyo SPC Management, Inc. has accomplished itself as a professional firm to provide SPE management services for its various stages of life cycle (such as a stage of at organizations, annual operations, and dissolutions/liquidations) as well as accounting services for “funds” business. As this accomplishment as a base, we are reforming ourselves into the “General Fund Service Company Group”. The “General Fund Service Company Group” may respond at one-stop to any sophisticated clients needs on the securitization and structured finances including but not limited to taxation services, an advisory on structuring a best-fit SPE scheme, a bid offer matching of “funds”, medical support services, solar power businesses, real estate specified joint enterprise, and human resource services (such as an agency or contract staffing) as adapting to the globalization of financial business as well as an ever-evolving engineering technique.

SPE Management Services

Tokyo SPC Management , Inc.

We offer business solutions with regard to any clients’ needs on the control and management of SPE in its whole life cycle such as developing business scheme, at organization, “annual” operations, and dissolution/liquidation

  • Incorporation of SPE, Annual Management Services (including Corporate Secretary Role), Dissolution/ Liquidation, and Buy/Sell of Shell SPC

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Taxation Services

Tokyo SPC Tax Corporation.

We provide a quick and quality tax services by our qualified professionals with expertise in any tax issues such as income taxes, and consumption taxes and property taxes.

  • Tax advisory with regard to SPE, Trusts and Property Acquisition, as well as International Tax Consultant

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Bid/Offer Matching of “Funds”

Funds Marriage, Inc.

Acting as an intermediary of Bid Offer of “Funds” using our global information network

  • Financial Intermediary, Investment Intermediary, and Global “Funds” Agent

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Medical Support Services

Total Life Management, Inc.

We support comprehensive medical care, nursing care, nursing home and other businesses.

  • Provide housing and other business consulting services for the elderly with home care

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Real Estate Agency

Funds Marriage, Inc.

Ready to support any needs of “funds” to find a best-fit property for the businessplan from our list of multi-layer of prospective properties.

  • Intermediary and Agent

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Solar Power Businesses

The Solar Bank of Tokyo, Inc.

We provide consulting of renewable energy systems, including solar power.

  • Consulting of photovoltaic systems and sales of electricity

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Buyer of Account Receivable

Akasaka Investment LLC.

Advisory on an exit strategy of “Funds”, including a purchase of its monetary assets such as stocks, investment assets, and loans/account receivable.

  • Buyer of monetary assets

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Human Resource Services

Tokyo SPC Management, Inc.

We render human resource related services such as human resource agency and contract staffing of qualified professionals specializing in accounting and taxation of the securitization and structured finances .

  • Human Resource Agent of professionals specialized in accounting and taxation of the securitization and structured finances

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Education of multi-currency double-entry bookkeeping

Multi-currency Double-entry Bookkeeping Research & Investment LLC

Education and research activity with regard to multi-currency double-entry bookkeeping so as to contribute the financial soundness of multinational corporations.

  • Lectures in multi-currency double-entry bookkeeping as well as experimental investments in foreign-currency denominated assets

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Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise

TSM Asset Management, Inc.

While taking advantage of the portability is a feature of a particular framework of joint venture real estate, we are working on the composition collective investment scheme that was the theme of the creation of added value.

  • Composition and management of income property collective investment scheme
  • Proposal and fluidizing the effective use of real estate with the environmental impact, such as soil contamination

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Global Network

Alliance with entities in Shanghai , Hong Kong, and Singapore

Extending our network to Asian countries in addition to the existing network in Shanghai , Hong Kong and Singapore

  • Building a hands-on knowledge base in international accounting practices such as IFRS and GAAP, international taxation and “funds” business

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