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Taxation Services

Our qualified professionals may be rady to render a timely and quality taxation services of both domestic in Japan and internanational.

Our qualified professionals are building an expertise in the whole cycle of SPE issues (such as organization, annual and dissolution/liquidation) as well as international taxation required for multinational corporations so that they may offer a timely and quality taxation services.

Taxation Services on SPE

Tokyo SPC Tax Corporation render its services to SPE on its whole cycle of tax matters such as organization, annual and dissolution/liquidation.

  • Annual tax returns
  • Closing tax returns at dissolution/liquidation
  • Various tax related application and registrations
  • Tax return filing of depreciable assets
  • Rendering tax opinions
  • Proposing the tax planning
  • Consulting services on taxation

International Tax Services

TSM Group contribute its resource to international taxation which is a prerequisite for the one-stop servicer to “Global Funds”. In order to get updated ourselves to international taxation, we are extending our global network and in addition, we have several lecturers as our corporate advisors to hold internal seminars frequently.

  • Advisory on international taxation
  • International tax planning services
  • Holding international tax seminars by the corporate advisors ( open to public sometimes)
  • Provider of International tax information through our global network.
  • Alliance with major international accounting and tax firms.