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SPE Management Services


Qualified SPE professionals of Tokyo SPC Management, Inc. render SPE management services in a timely and quality manner for any stage of SPE such as consulting on formation of SPE business scheme and services of organization, annual and dissolution/liquidation based upon the expertise acquired since its establishment.

Organizational Services

We assist you to organize an SPE in a timely manner so as to be best fit for the business situation among varied legal structure which may be regular corporation, limited liability corporation, tokutei mokuteki kaisha “TMK” , trust and others. Though Tokumei Kumiai (or anonymous partnership) is not construed to be a SPE, we offer an advice on its structure and documents such as a format of partnership agreement.

  • Organization of SPE
  • Formation of Trust
  • Providing an accounting/tax opinion
  • Rendering SPE officers and HO address
  • Supporting in a closing process

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Annual Management Services

In addition to the regular accounting operations such as management of books and records and financial closing works in monthly, quarterly and annual, our services may include cash flow management such as so-called water-fall schedule, corporate secretary role such as preparation of minutes and proxy statements, and documentation works such as mailing of confirmations.

  • Corporate Secretary Role
  • Cash Management (including paying and receiving)
  • Accounting Operations
  • Responding to foreign investors

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Dissolution/Liquidation Services

A strong leadership and a better written plan are needed to finish dissolution/liquidation schedule successful at lower cost and a shorter period. Our staff and expertise are well qualified to perform such dissolution/liquidation jobs, and in addition, we offer custodial services to keep books and records after dissolution/liquidation for clients’ comfort.

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A trader of Shell/Real SPE

In the formation of Over-the-counter market of SPC in Tokyo, Tokyo SPC Management, Inc. has built an inventory of Shell SPC in varied legal forms such as Ippan Shadan Houjin “ISH” (as a holding company), Goudou Kaisha “GK”( or LLC), and Tokutei Mokuteki Kaisha “TMK” (used for issuance of debt obligations) available for clients’ needs in a single unit or a combination of SPC’s..

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Advisory on SPE Scheme

We may be ready to provide SPE analysis and proposals in respect of its finance and assets issues so as to respond to be best fit for clients’ needs using our service provider experience of more than 1,000 SPC’s and qualified staff with banking or asset management careers.

  • Advisory on SPE. Scheme
  • Proposal on Bad Debts issues

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