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Corporate Overview

TSM Holdings, Inc.

Name TSM Holdings, Inc.
Date of Establishment September 14, 2015
Company Address 1-1-7 Motoakasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051
Tel: 03-3560-1115 Fax: 03-3560-1116
Chief Executive Officer Terumitsu Nosaka, President
Our Main Services
  1. Control and management of TSM Group through share acquisition and ownership
  2. Any and all business incidental or related to the above
Paid-in Capital Yen 5 million

Tokyo SPC Management, Inc.

Name Tokyo SPC Management, Inc.
Date of Establishment July 23, 1999
Company Address Akasaka Shinko Building 4F
4-7-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
Tel: 03-3560-1115 Fax: 03-3560-1116
Chief Executive Officer Terumitsu Nosaka, President
Overseas Network Firms in Alliance
   Mita Property Management(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.
   Lo and Kwong CPA Company Limited
   BMI Fund Management, Limited
   Jumbo Alliance Funds, Limited
   Robert Yam & Co.
Our Main Services
  1. Accounting and Operational Services provided for real or special purpose companies
  2. Management Advisery services with regard to the structured finances and securitization
  3. Trader of Shell or Real SPC as a proprietor or intermediary/li>
  4. Design, construction, maintenance and operation of renewable energy electric power
  5. Sales of renewable energy electricity
  6. Development, manufacture, purchases, sales, import and export, construction maintenance,repair of products and equipment of solar,wind,hydro,geothermal and biomass electric power
  7. Outsourcing of medical management
  8. Introduction and mediation of acupuncture clinic
  9. Property, trade, rental, agency and management of real estate
  10. Contract Staffing (Permit Number Ha 13-040820)
  11. Personnel Agency under Employment Security Law (Permit Number 13-Yu-301352)
Paid-in Capital Yen 30 million
Qualified Professional Staff Lawyer, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Tax Accountant, United States Certified Public Accountant, Real Estate Notary, Certified Money Lender, etc.
Allied Auditing Firms ShineWing Tokyo LLC
Grant Thornton Taiyo LLC
Office of Kenichi Fujiwara, CPA
Office of Hiroyuki Tanaka, CPA
Membership ARES (The Association for Real Estate Securitization) - Supporting Member

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